Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me! 2X4 Fused and blown glass, oil paints on wood sold

"In this country many children are traumatized by clowns. Clowns are everywhere. They used to be only in the circus, but lately they have been spotted at carnivals, fairs, birthday parties and even in hospitals!"

FOOD-EXIT 3X4 Recycled fused glass and oil paint on wood.

We have majestic mountains, grand canyons, the great deserts and lakes. We have wonderful highways but we are always on the lookout for a food-exit.

Colored People  2X4 Recycled fused glass and oils on wood.

"My husband is brown; my children are a shade lighter. Thanks to my rosacea I am turning a gorgeous red, but I am still looking for the other colored people."

Cornfield   2X4  Cast glass and oil paint on wood  sold

"you're telling me that people actually eat corn here?"

"This New Land of Mine" series was done from 2007 to 2008 as part of my Ohio State University senior thesis.  With this series I tell the story of myself, an immigrant to the USA, who has come to love and understand this country with it's sometimes silly customs,  funny words like, baby shower colored people, and hanging shads  and  not to forget the wonderful opportunities and celebrations. 

The Family Portrait.3X3 Fused recycled glass and oil on canvas.

"Every year children are dressed up in their best clothes and taken to the mall. Even dad has to go. A stranger with a puppet makes the family stand together and tries to make them laugh while he blinds them with a bright flash of light."

ISMS.3X3 Recycled fused glass, mosaics, gold leaf and oils on wood.

"Freedom at last, all religions brought together. Does it unite us or does it set us apart? It does make us unique"

The Fourth of July!  2X4 cast glass and oil paints on wood.

"Do you have the Fourth of July in Holland?"

Baby Shower. 2X4 Blown glass bubbles cut in half and clay babies made by Mariah Alvarado, and oil paints on wood

‚Äč"When I was pregnant, friends organized a baby shower. Silly games, good food and the relief I felt when it did not rain..."

Hanging Shad   2X2 Cast glass and oil on wood. sold

"What was that in Florida, an election or a fishing competition?"